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We created our B-tech division to provide you with specialist support for your HVAC, electrical and renewable energy systems. We’re here to make sure your systems are always performing at peak operation, working at optimum efficiency, and staying reliable for longer to protect your investment.

We provide advice and reports on proposed or existing HVAC or renewable energy systems, undertake design and commissioning of HVAC and renewable systems, and we also have key strategic partnerships with manufacturers to support the delivery of their products to you.

Through B-tech we can also offer comprehensive condition report surveys which review the condition of all aspects of your M&E plant to provide you with a complete snapshot of your systems. This snapshot can inform you of where the plant is in its lifecycle and if it would benefit from any maintenance work. If we do uncover any issues our B-mech Service and Maintenance division will be on hand to support you.

Services that B-tech Technical Services can provide for commercial premises:

Specialist reports and surveys

Our internal chartered CIBSE building services design engineers can design your HVAC systems and also independently survey and report on system design of your current HVAC systems including 2D and 3D CAD design.

We provide audits for commercial gas and HVAC control systems including reporting on maintenance regimes and if you are keeping up to date with your legislative requirements for gas, oil, air conditioning and electrical systems.

Get expert advice with our condition report surveys. With a strong focus on energy consumption, these reports can highlight key areas where you can save energy, whether it be gas, electric or water consumption.

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