Replacement of Giant Boiler at Aintree hospital

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Project Brief

“Go big or go home”

Following some excellent project work with Engie, we were requested to replace one of three large steam boilers at Aintree Hospital. Due to the size of this boiler it had to be delivered to site on a lorry and unloaded with a large crane. In order to remove the old boiler, we had to carry our structural works, removing a wall and creating a opening large enough to pass through the new boiler.

The huge new boiler, which weighs 24 tonnes and is 7.8 metres long, form part of the heating and hot water system. It is very efficient at producing steam and produces less carbon emissions than other previous options. It also allows usage of waste heat from a new combined heat and power plant.

Work on this site also required us to establish a safe working area, closing off the road and signing accordingly. All man holes had to be covered and both the crane and forklift used in tandem to lift and position the boiler including manoeuvring through the space created.

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