Replacement Air Conditioning System

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Project Brief

“When speed and flexibility are essential”

The compressor on the VRF system feeding the fifth floor of the building failed and had to be replaced. This left the entire floor with no heating or cooling.

Following a callout, we found that the compressor on the system had failed and required replacing.

We noticed that this compressor had previously been replaced by others prior to our involvement on site and this raised concern as it is unusual for a compressor to fail especially twice without an underlying cause.

Following discussion with the client, they were impressed by our diligence, and allowed us to carry out in-depth software testing of the system alongside the manufacture.

The refrigerant was reclaimed from the system, the compressor was changed and a fresh refrigerant charge was added at this stage. On commissioning of the system, alongside the software testing we identified a faulty valve which was causing the failure of the Compressor. With the valve replaced the system was left running perfectly.

The extra investigative works has now prevented the potential failure of a further compressor on this system due to an underlying issue and the customer was very happy they had agreed to this extra works.

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