Bi-Polar Ionization 99% effective against Coronavirus

Several questions still hang in the balance with the country gradually moving towards a “more normal” day-to-day life. Are we ever going to be free from coronavirus? Will the vaccines be successful? And, when we do return to work, how safe will it be? Although we haven’t got answers for the first two questions, we can certainly provide one for the last, Bi-Polar Ionisation.

Whenever we launch a new product, there’s usually a twinge of anticipation and buzz around Bmech HQ. But we have to admit, we’re incredibly excited about what it can bring to everyday life. Bi-Polar Ionisation isn’t necessarily new, nor is it something we’ve only just found out about. The technology has been around for some time, dating back to the 1950s and we’ve been offering it as a solution for some time now. But its benefits are only just being fully appreciated.

Firstly, what is Bi-Polar Ionisation air purification and how does Bi-Polar Ionisation work?

Bi-Polar ionisation introduces positive and negative ions into the air, causing a natural production of hydroxyl radicals, which remove hydrogen from microbes cell walls and nullify the effects of potentially infectious particles. We believe that this technology will play a key role in the road to recovery from coronavirus and creating a safe work premises for our staff.

The system is relatively basic. We would install an ionising unit into any form of air supply ductwork. When powered this provides an ionising field that charges teh air passing through it with a huge amount of additonal ions. When delivered into a space, this active technology breaks down the conaminents particles within the air but also on surfaces. The air quality is then monitored by either a digital in room display so that you can visually see the technology working and improving the air quality which provides peace of mind to the occupants of that area, or for larger sites with a building energy managment systems (BMS), wew ould monitor the conditions of teh combined return air close to the AHU which can allow huge energy savings via being bale to control your fresh air requiments to into the AHU.

Although remote working has served the country well, businesses up and down the country will have thousands of staff returning to work. Bi-Polar Ionisation could see the air becoming 99% coronavirus free when installed. And the technology requires little to minimal maintenance, with the need to change the ionising tubes being needed every 24 months.

You can find more details about the intricacies of Bi-Polar ionisation here.

What are the benefits of Bi-Polar Ionisation?
If the 99% elimination of coronavirus particles isn’t enough, then there are plenty more we can list, including:

● Up to 99% reduction in MS2 virus, MRSA & STAPH and 90% reduction in Volatile Organic Particles (VOCs)
● Reduced static to site
● Full integration with indoor air quality (IAQ) monitors
● Eliminates odours, smoke and chemicals
● Suitable for both industrial and commercial usage
● Chemical-free
● Minimal maintenance

2021 is hopefully the start of a gradual return to some normality. For many of us, the return to work can’t come quick enough. Bi-Polar Ionisation is an opportunity to make your working environment as safe as possible, with many existing ventilation systems holding the prospect of being upgraded or retrofitted to spec.

If you’d like to understand more about Bi-Polar Ionisation technology, one of the Bmech team would be happy to help. Get in touch today either by emailing or calling us on 01925 551516.

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